Efbe CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Iron


The efbe CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Iron is great if you love to iron, well, everything! With no trailing cord, it’s so easy to iron linen, delicates and drapes and smooth out those creases. With 2400W of power at 240V~ the specially designed CeramaGlide soleplate heats up fast and retains heat so that it’s easy to iron a shirt and in the time it takes to hang up or fold that shirt, your CeramaGlide will have regained full heat for the next garment. When you place the CeramaGlide’s base on your ironing board, the iron handle may not be in the most comfortable position for you….not to worry, the upper half of that base can be set in 3 different planes so it’s likely you’ll find a plane suited to your ergonomics. The CeramaGlide soleplate is smooth and will glide over your garment, time after time. The steam vents are designed for all over steam, both around the perimeter and with a central apex focussed area too. Steam can be set in three levels – off, low, high – and there is shot of steam to 28 g/minute max level. The 350ml water tank is sufficient for around 35/40-minutes ironing (of course it does depend on your use of steam) and naturally you can refill in use.

  • Cordless Iron makes ironing so much easier – look no cord!
  • CeramaGlide Ceramic soleplate with 40 perimeter and focussed steam vents
  • Ergonomically designed with a cordless base whose iron rest can be in 3 different planes to suit you
  • 350ml water tank makes short work of ironing
  • 2-preset steam settings plus boost at 28 g/min max rate of steam