Care And Grooming Baby Vanity Artic


  • Soft grip brush, comb and cradle cap comb are gentle on a sensitive scalp and allow you to untangle hair without harsh pulling
  • Infant toothbrush/ gums stimulation and toddler toothbrush are designed for your little one’s teeth at every stage right from when they first start to push through the gums and helps promote good dental hygiene at a young age.
  • Steady grip nail clippers and emery boards to keep your new-borns nails trim. the nail clippers unique soft-touch design ensures a comfortable grip
  • The no scratch mittens are designed to help prevent infants from accidentally scratching themselves. the soft cotton material is comfortable for baby and the gentle elastic wristband helps keep them securely in place.
  • The zip-up travel case ideal for travel or keeping all the items in one place at home