Hello Kitty Coupe 6-volt Battery-Powered Ride-on


Riding up on the Hello Kitty 6V Coupe Battery Powered Ride-on will have your child feeling like one cool cat. And this cute little coupe is of course the answer. There’s lots that they’ll love and relate to about this adorable ride-on car. From the real working lights, horn, and adjustable safety belt to all the intricate decorative detailing, this ride-on toy will offer hours of fun. And although Hello Kitty herself may be over 40 years old, she’s simply a cute classic that transcends the generations with an adorably iconic image that all kids can instinctively understand. The MP3 loudspeaker hook-up, however, is something that is entirely new, beginning with your child’s generation, and they’ll love being able to ride around in the car listening to their own tunes, just like Mom and Dad. At a safe 2

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