Linsan 8 Piece Aluminum non-stick cookware set with spiral bottom – Red


Linsan 8 Piece Aluminium Non-Stick Cookware Set with Spiral Bottom – Red is the perfect update for your kitchen equipment. Whether newly married, singles or moving to a new apartment, the cookware set is ideal for your kitchen. The pots, sauce pans and frying pans are constructed from aluminium materials that ensure it last long. Maintaining the cookware set is very easy as it can be hand-wash or with the use of dishwasher. The sturdy stylish handles makes it easy to hold and carry when it is hot. The non-stick interior of the pot, sauce and frying pans ensure all your food are properly cooked without it getting burnt.
Linsan 8 Piece Aluminium Non-Stick Cookware Set comes with frying pans, sauce pans and pots in different size dimension. The pots and the fry pan comes with internally coated non-stick interior. It has a specially designed spiral bottom for better heat efficiency which makes all your meals properly cooked. The non-stick feature is non-toxic which makes it safe for cooking. It features transparent glassy cover that seals in the moisture for quick meals for the family and guests. The stylish modern design cookware set gives you even heat distribution for quick cooking and the body finishing is heat resistant making it safe for you in the kitchen.
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