Hinari MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender


This blender set contains 15 attachments to accompany your jug blender. Use the Genie’s cross blade to chop, blend, mix, grate, puree and grind ingredients. The Hinari’s flat blade is used for grinding and chopping harder, single ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, dried herbs and more. The flat blade can also be used to whip dairy products. Squeeze fresh juices with the Hinari’s juicer attachment.

The Hinari Genie hand-blender set comes with a 1L jug blender for mixing up large quantities of healthy and fresh fruit, veg and more.


Efficient blending


This hand-blender set comes with a 230W motor, complete with two stainless-steel blades that cut cleanly through fruit and veg. One speed setting and a pulse control make this jug blender and its accessories easy to use.


Easy to clean