Rubbermaid Reveal Plunger Clean and Dry 2Pk


This item is sold by cases of: (1) Reveal Clean & Dry Plunger (2) with the Never Wet Nanotech coating, comes out clean & dry every Time, minimizes the spread of Germs.

The Clean & Dry plunger helps keep your bathroom cleaner and more sanitary. Traditional plungers pick up germs and bacteria that can spread when dripped on floors or in cabinets. The Clean & Dry plunger head and pole is protected with Never Wet coating, which forms a protective shield around them that water cannot penetrate. It works like car wax, the water beads up and rolls off instantly.

Repels water, bacteria and other things
Won’t drip on your floors after use
Helps keep your floors cleaner and more sanitary
NOTE: The unique NeverWet™ coating is affected by the natural oils in your skin, touching the protective coating may impact product performance.
Should you want to clean your plunger, bleach is recommended. Do not clean with soap as it will diminish the performance of the NeverWet™ coating.
Not designed for some low-flow toilets with larger openings