Teamson Kids’ Sweet Pea Cottage Dollhouse + 7 Accessories


Open the doors on this beautiful Teamson Kids Sweet Pea Cottage Dollhouse & 7 Pieces of Furniture and let your little one’s imagination run wild. Decorate the floors in your own unique way with the 7 pieces of wooden doll furniture. This dollhouse has doors that open up for easy play time capability and a fold back roof to reveal an extra level of play in the spacious loft area. Give your little one a chance to explore three levels of excitement with this charming Sweet Pea Cottage. Product Features: 3 levels of play. Fold back roof reveals spacious loft area. 7 piece accessory set made up of wooden furniture pieces including bed, kitchen sink, 2 tables, 2 stools and an armchair. Unique window and door designs for fun play. Beautiful floral design covers the outside of the dollhouse. Can be used for floor or tabletop play. Minimum Age Recommendation: 3 Years. Dimensions: 15.75″ L x 12.6″ W x 24.25″ H.

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